Why is this program important?

  • Capital investment commitments in infrastructure and commercial development are being made at record numbers to disadvantaged communities. Social equity commitments are becoming pillar principles of these invests. We want to make sure these commitments directly impact local residents. 

Why does social equity mean and how does it impact my daily life ?

  • Social equity is impartiality, fairness and justice for all people in social policy. Social equity takes into account systemic inequalities to ensure everyone in a community has access to the same opportunities and outcomes.
How can I help?
  • Like. Share. Spend. Repeat: In 2019 alone, residents spent over $1.58 Billion in goods and services in 2019, resulting in over $535 Million being spent outside of the community. (NYC Commercial District Needs Assessment 2019). We want to ensure more economic strength can be re-directed to local residents.
  • Sponsor: Our DEIJ Distributor Partner Fellowship is 100% free to East Brooklyn residents.  We need the financial support of private, public and philanthropic sectors to ensure these services are available to local resident at no cost.